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Let's make sure we're on the same page about what happens next:
  • By granting access, Finch will have API access to my account for the express purpose of conduction an audit. No changes will be made to the account. Any further account management will require additional approval from me or someone from my organization.
  • I can revoke access to Finch at any point, however, revoking access within the first 48 hours will impact Finch's ability to conduct an account analysis and deliver a report.
  • A Finch AdWords Expert will contact me to set up a time to review the results of this analysis with me.
  • I will be given a login so I can review the results of the audit at any time, whether I choose to work with Finch in the future or not.

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Finch, LLC, Search Engine Optimization Services, Salt Lake City, UT

"We are a company that has keywords that change often. We need to make sure our partner is on top of AdWords and the continual changes. Those changes have to be watched to know that we are continuing to perform for our market segment. Having someone replace a person internally and manually manage our account, is difficult to do. Finch does that and more. With Finch, I know that their algorithm is doing things that a person cannot do alone consistently. Finch lets you be most productive in what you do and letting them focus on growth in AdWords.”

Mika Casey, CEO - MMA Warehouse